We’ve all been there…

It’s time for a major spring cleaning, but you have no idea where & how to get rid of all the sparkly, funky outfits in your closet! There are so many thrift stores around, but the idea of taking a huge bag of clothes and getting on a subway is a bit overwhelming…

Or—that big party you’ve been looking forward to is coming up in a few days, but your whole wardrobe feels stale, and you’re dreading a full day of shopping around for tops & accessories you might not even find. You want to look amazing, but the retail stores are too expensive and the thrift shops are affordable—but time-consuming, crowded and not nearly air-conditioned enough!



The most convenient online marketplace for pre-owned fabulous party clothing. We help connect stylish party people to each other... and help those funky, fun pieces in your closet find a new home, in exchange for cash!

We help you find fabulous festival-wear, make it easily accessible and affordable to boot. We help re-circulate the coolest fashions and bring them back to light with their new owners.


We can also help you empty your jam-packed closets!

We hate the idea of waste, and would love to find the perfect owners for the pieces you’re not into anymore.


We’re All About Sustainability.

We are committed to supporting sustainability by promoting wardrobe exchanges within our community. We help connect stylish party people to each other and create a space to sell/buy quality pieces that can help you express yourself on the most exotic dance floors worldwide!

When you shop with LITTLE GEM, you know you’ll be sparkling.